John Sloper bio/information 

John started dancing in the late 60's when his parents started a class and his little sister didn't have a partner.   He went to his first lesson - somewhat dragged - but was hooked almost immediately, and couldn't wait for the next week's lessons.

After dancing in a teen club (Krazy 8's) in San Francisco under the late Dave Stevens, John got to opportunity to try his hand at singing calls and was soon hooked on this part of the activty.  He attended a new caller school with the late Bill Peters in 1975 and called for a few years before taking an extended "hiatus".

Returning to dancing in 2012 and calling in 2013, John calls beginners through Plus, and is the regular caller for the Desert Mainstreamers in East Mesa, AZ (Wednesday nights).  He is a guest caller for several clubs in Arizona and also does one night party dances as he is available.

John is an advocate of "fun" being the mainstay of square dancing and looks to bring that to any dance event he calls.  As schedule allows, he is availble in the greater Phoenix area, and possibly beyond...

John is a member of CALLERLAB, and is BMI/ASCAP licensed.  

Recently, John began recording for Gold Wing/Fine Tune Records....  His most recent recording is "I'll Be Seeing You"  (based on a Tommy Dorsey/Frank Sinatra recording)..

                                                                            John's schedule -    calendar link

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Cell -   602-614-8631                                                                                                                                                
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         CALLERLAB Member
Here are some videos of John calling:                                                                                                           Some square dance links:

Singing call -  "Let's Get Away From It All"  =  RIVCO 2017                                                                                      CALLERLAB -  International Association of Square Dance Callers.  Lots and lots of information...
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Singing call -  "Edge of Glory" -  Yuma Festival - 2016                                                                                             Grand Canyon Square Dance Association - source for dances and classes in Arizona

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Mesa Checkmates -  Local Square Dance club in Mesa, AZ

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